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All Gun Training now approved to teach Illinois CCW Classes.
Our NRA Basic Pistol course counts for the first 8 hours of Illinois required 16 hours of training.
Our Illinois CCW class will count for the second 8 hours of Illinois required 16 hours of training.
These classes will also meet the requirements to get an Arizona or Florida Concealed carry permit.
Illinoisians will still need another states permit to carry in many other states, until we get recriprocity with other states.

Illinois's concealed carry law allows for out of state residents to carry a loaded handgun in their vehicle, if thhey are allowed to carry a gun in public in their home state.
Illinois Concealed carry program is administered by the Illinois State Police (ISP).
The Illinois State Police should start issuing CCW applications on Jan 5, 2014.
Then 90 days from receipt of a complete application and fingerprints to issue a concealed carry permit.
Processing will take an extra 30 days if fingerprints are not submitted.